In the mid 1990s, Mr Freerk Ykema, a school teacher from the Netherlands, became passionate about finding a program that would assist in reducing the level of sexual violence, crime and aggression perpetuated by teenage boys.

He noted that there was a lack of meaningful programs that targeted key aspects of young men's development, notably:

  • verbal and emotional expression
  • identity development
  • physical boundaries and personal safety
  • emotional and behavioural regulation
  • skills required to respond to and manage aggressive tendencies in both themselves and others

Mr Ykema wrote the Rock & Water program to work with young people to address those concerns, and over the past two decades it has grown into a well known international program that supports young people with; increasing their body, emotional and self awareness. The ongoing success of the program led to the development of specialised programs including:  focus on girls and young women, children living with ASD, and primary schools. In 2015, Mr Ykema endorsed the Rock & Water training to 14 countries around the world. He visits Australia every year. Mr Ykema set up the Gadaku Institute in his hometown Schagen, Netherlands, and continues to be the world base for the program. Rock & Water Central is personally endorsed by the Gadaku Institute and the Ykema family.