Rock & Water Central is an Adelaide based training and program provider for the Rock & Water Program. 

Tim Brenton heads Rock & Water Central and we are proud to offer the highest standards of training and program delivery of the Rock & Water program in Australia.

Endorsed by the Gadaku Institute, Rock & Water Central was organically born with Tim’s professional partnerships with Connected Self and the Gadaku Institute, Netherlands.

Tim Brenton and the founder and author of the Rock & Water program, Mr Freerk Ykema, have shared a strong friendship and passion for the Rock & Water program since 2005.  From 2006 to 2014, Tim worked alongside the University of Newcastle delivering workshops across the country including international destinations. 

 In 2007, Tim was instrumental in developing Rock & Water Programs delivered by the organisation he co-founded, Connected Self.  Partnerships with Gadaku Institute Netherlands, Connected Self and the University of Newcastle Family Action Centre, provided Tim an opportunity  to deliver the program as a full time facilitator and Master Instructor for the past 10 years. From remote Aboriginal Communities in the Kimberley, Western Australia, to Yuemendumu in the Northern Territory, to Yeppoon to Launceston to Melton to Darwin to Adelaide to Brisbane to Melbourne to Mildura to Newcastle to Sydney to Perth, there are not too many places in Australia Tim Brenton has not delivered a Rock & Water training workshop or program. 

Internationally, Mr Ykema has provided opportunities for Tim to deliver Rock & Water training in China and Taiwan. Annually, Tim visits Freerk and the Ykema family in the Netherlands to deliver his one-day workshop, “Rock & Water for Young People Living with Trauma”.

The integration of experience and partnerships led to Rock & Water Central being the lead training provider in South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria.  Our experience in facilitating the program to young people ensures Rock & Water Central delivers the highest standard programs across Australia.

In partnering with the Gadaku Institute and Connected Self, Rock & Water Central is your destination for a best practice Rock & Water program experience.