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The Rock & Water Program is well known throughout school education systems around the world since it was written in the mid 1900’s. The program is founded on psycho-physical framework and has aspects of key philosophies such as brain gym, mindfulness and the philosophies of the “Rock & Water Program” developed by Dutch educationalist, Freerk Ykema. The program is evidence-based and substantiated by the latest psychological insights.

The Rock & Water program engages participants with skills for physical-social teaching with a focus on body awareness, emotional awareness and self-awareness. The concepts ‘Rock’ and ‘Water’ are used as a metaphor throughout the program for adults, children and young people to explore and choose different forms of communication (E.g. does the situation require a Rock attitude or Water attitude).


3 Day Accreditation

Trainee accreditation to deliver the program to participants 9+

2 Day Girls and Women Focus

A workshop dedicated to emotional development and social safety for girls and women

2 Day Primary School Focus

Find out how Rock & Water can support your primary school

1 Day Introductory Workshop

A great way to familiarise yourself with the program

2 Day Autism Focus

For adults supporting children and young people living with Autism

Half Day Workshop

Perfect for any staff, team or workplace. Tailored to meet your needs for work or life.


Wherever Rock and Water is taught, boys and girls become more confident, protective and able to express themselves in a crisis. Bullying and assaults are significantly reduced. The program teaches them to actively prevent violence, deal with conflict and how to intervene appropriately to protect others from bullying.
Steve Biddulph, Best selling author of ‘New Manhood and Raising Boys’

Rock and Water is a truly excellent program which supplies both boys and girls with a whole host of excellent strategies and skills to navigate their often emotionally testing early years. Powerful anti bullying strategies, the development of self control and self confidence and the proven reduction in sexually transgressive behaviours in young men are just a few of the outcomes. I wholly support and endorse the Rock and Water program as a powerful tool for developing self awareness, resilience and emotional well being in our children and adolescents today.
Dr Arne Rubinstein, Best selling author of ‘The Making of Men’ 

The results of using Rock and Water were outstanding. Students had a far more positive outlook as well as increased skills in handling life. Resilience levels clearly improved and there was a greatly increased level of racial tolerance.
Ian Nebauer, Former Principal of Callaghan College, Newcastle and former NSW State Coordinator of Dare to Lead

In 38 years of teaching this has been the most exciting, relevant and life changing PD I have ever attended. 
Paul Huisman, Teacher at Roleystone Community College

Everything about this course is amazing
Emma Howell, Geraldton Regional Community Education Centre


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