This workshop provides a survey of the entire 3 day course focusing on the first six lessons of the program which include standing strong physically and mentally, introduction to the Rock and Water attitude (in physical and verbal confrontation), Rock and Water in the school yard and in relationships (what kind of friend am I? Too rocky, too watery?) It also include breathing exercises, exercises for boundary awareness and body language.

On completion of a 1 Day Introductory Workshop you can deliver the basic lessons 1-6 to students, parents and clients only. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals.

Closed Workshops
This is a great way to familiarize many staff with the Rock and Water principles in your school/organisation, it allows you to have a ‘whole school approach to the Rock & Water Program’
Maximum of 30 participants per workshop included in set fee.

Cost for a closed workshop for 30 people is $3,222.00
Cost for a closed 1 day workshop for 20 people $2,420.00

Individual Cost: $295.00 price includes Equipment, Instruction and Starters Manual.

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