The 2 day Rock and Water training program,  Focus on Girls & Women, uses the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program, while paying special attention to the developmental challenges and qualities of teenage girls and women. Participants will learn to work with the different Rock & Water principles, developing self-confidence and communication skills.

They learn to find balance between empathy and living together with loved one’s without losing their own individuality and personal path in life. This training supports teenage girls and women in their journey to becoming powerful individuals.

The main goals of the girls program are:

  • to increase body awareness 
  • to become aware of attitudes, emotions and reaction patterns
  • to experience body strength
  • to increase self-confidence and learn to rely on your own strength
  • to experience your power and to learn how to translate inner feelings into action
  • to use mental strength related to inner strength
  • to feel, set and defend boundaries
  • to deal with exciting situations without losing your inner strength
  • to deal with sexuality and different forms of sexual violence

On completion of a 2 Day Specialised Workshop you can then deliver the program to the students, parents or clients relevant only to that focus area, e.g. Girls and Women only, Primary School, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals.

Pricing $635.00 (inc GST)
Plus booking fee.

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