Rock & Water Central is proud to be endorsed by the Gadaku Insitute, Mr Freerk Ykema and is the only provider of the Rock & Water Program for Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.


Tim Brenton is the founder and director of Rock & Water Central, delivering training workshops and programs to children, young people and adults.   Tim is an international presenter and is known for translating the program for children and young people who have been exposed to trauma.  Tim has been influential in embedding the program within the school context across  education in Australia.  Tim delivers the program to schools, youth organisations, Aboriginal communities and adult workplaces.  Since 2012, Tim travels annually to the Netherlands to co-present workshops that he developed with the founder of the Rock & Water program, Mr Freerk Ykema.

Before being introduced to the Rock & Water Program in 2005, Tim’s journey included professional sport and working in the residential care system for nearly a decade.

During his basketball career, he developed a passion for supporting disadvantaged young people and, at the completion of a sporting career shortened by injuries, Tim naturally gravitated to the field of youth work where he enjoyed ten years experience working within government youth work settings, primarily with young people presenting with complex needs and behaviours (e.g., having backgrounds of abuse and trauma). Tim worked within a range of service areas within the South Australian residential care system. Tim’s roles have included mentor, youth worker, senior youth worker, supervisor and programming coordinator, program facilitator and consultant.

During this time Tim, as a Special Program Coordinator, was instrumental in the delivery of a holistic Rock & Water Program to young people living in care, in particular survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

In 2007, Tim co-founded Connected Self and was instrumental in co-developing a range of programs for young people within schools, communities (including remote Aboriginal communities) and community service agencies.

After ten years, Tim made a decision to spend more time focusing on the Rock & Water Program and became the sole director and Master Instructor of Rock & Water Central.

On a personal note, Tim and his wife Lisa have been partners for 25 years and have two beautiful daughters in Hannah (19) and Abby (17).


Freerk Ykema is the founder and author of the world renowned Rock and Water Program.

A physical education and remedial teacher at Schagen in the north of The Netherlands, Freerk had a keen understanding of young people who struggled to find their purpose in life, expressing their frustration in anger, withdrawal or inappropriate behaviour.

Inspired by his own experience in schools and his understanding of the physical nature of young people, Freerk developed a unique program  using a psycho-physical approach to learning. This evolved into the Rock and Water program.

Rock and Water is currently taught in over 30 countries, and the program has been delivered to more than 2 million students worldwide. There are numerous positive evaluations of the program, but in 2014, the renowned Trimbos Institut in the Netherlands published results of a study that showed that Rock and Water has resulted in a decrease in sexual violence where it is taught to teenage boys.

Freerk Ykema continues to visit Australia annually to connect with his Master Instructors in Australia and New Zealand, as Director of the Gadaku Rock and Water Institute.

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