2 Day Autism Focus

The 2 Day Rock and Water and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and children with additional and related problems’ is a unique Rock and Water approach that helps children (and adults) who are diagnosed with ASD to develop more self confidence, better communication skills and strategies to deal with the world and it’s sometimes overwhelming demands.

The workshop will assist in increasing self-control and assertiveness, to develop body language awareness, to encourage better communication skills and to decrease feelings of anxiety. Master Instructors Marc Boas, Theo Kamevaar and Freerk Ykema have developed a new manual (250 pages) containing successful strategies, dozens of new exercises and up to date information about ASD.


Dates for workshops to be advised

Please email Tim Brenton further information

Cost: Option 1 $635.00 includes 2 day Rock and Water Training, catering, manual and is inclusive of GST

Cost: Option 2 $955.00 includes includes 2 day Rock and Water Training, catering, manual, Theory book, Rock and Water Flash Drive, Rock and Water Boys & Girls Poster Pack, Certificate pack, Mini Posters, Rock and Water Polo Shirt and is inclusive of GST