3 Day Workshop

The 3 day workshop is the most comprehensive Rock & Water experience. Experiencing the 3 day workshop provides each participant with an intensive overview, the philosophy and theory, learning many games, exercises, and best practice strategies to deliver the Rock & Water program. A true diamond of the program and key feature is it’s not an A to Z program. Once you have completed the training, you can tailor your own personalized program to suit your need. The program can be shaped by you, your school or organisation to suit your needs and focus upon specific outcomes (e.g. social skills, bullying, class cohesion, anti-violence, confidence development, goal setting, etc.), or your program can cover all of these over time. The skills are developed through the use of simple physical exercises and games that can be progressively developed over time or in regular short bursts. A Rock and Water session might be timetabled during the week, or used as energizers on a regular basis – it is a flexible, needs-focused program that trained facilitators are free to structure to their requirements. On completion of the 3 Day Rock and Water Workshop with Tim Brenton, you can then deliver the program – within schools or organisations to students, parents or clients. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals. We highly recommend completing this 3 Day Workshop if you are considering implementing the program in your school or service.