Robert Somerville AMAssociate Professor
Rock and Water connects young people to themselves and makes them stronger, smarter and more confident. I immediately resonated with the underlying philosophy of the program, its practical application and connection with youth. This program will work with Aboriginal children and can make a fundamental difference to the psyche of Aboriginal boys.  
Veronica SuttonAssociate Principal Woodvale SC
The inspirational program Rock and Water has made a considerable difference to our school climate at Woodvale Secondary College. A number of my teachers attended the training and we have applied the techniques to solve some significant issues we had with ‘difficult boys’. I highly commend this training which targets not only anger and dealing with difficult and complex issues but also emotional intelligence and self esteem in boys.” Fantastic!  
Tim SimpsonDeputy Head, Hale Junior School
This year in the Junior School, we have introduced the Rock and Water programme across all year levels to assist in teaching social skills through physical activities. Throughout the Junior School, it is pleasing to see a common verbal and body language emerging as the boys move as water or stand their ground as rock. Growth in self-control, self-reflection and self-confidence has been terrific to observe.
Emma HowellGeraldton Regional Community Education Centre
Everything about this course is amazing.
Doug McGheeYouthCARE Mid West Area Chaplain
I believe Rock and Water is probably the most powerful program I can deliver in my schools right now. It has the potential to empower children and teenagers and give them “a-ha!” moments, when the light-bulb comes on for the first time, and they discover they have strength and the ability to control it.
Ian NebauerFormer Principal of Callaghan College, Newcastle and former NSW State Coordinator of Dare to Lead.
The results of using Rock and Water were outstanding. Students had a far more positive outlook as well as increased skills in handling life. Resilience levels clearly improved and there was a greatly increased level of racial tolerance.
Paul HuismanTeacher at Roleystone Community College
In 38 years of teaching this has been the most exciting, relevant and life changing PD I have ever attended.
Dr Arne RubinsteinBest selling author of ‘The Making of Men’
Rock and Water is a truly excellent program which supplies both boys and girls with a whole host of excellent strategies and skills to navigate their often emotionally testing early years. Powerful anti bullying strategies, the development of self control and self confidence and the proven reduction in sexually transgressive behaviours in young men are just a few of the outcomes. I wholly support and endorse the Rock and Water program as a powerful tool for developing self awareness, resilience and emotional well being in our children and adolescents today.
Max SneddonTeacher Richmond Primary
Best PD I’ve ever been on; 10 out of 10; no 12 out of 10 fabulous.
PB ThatcherPrincipal Kununurra District High School
The Rock and Water program at Roleystone Community College (K-10) offers staff a new way to interact with students through physical/social teaching. Physical exercises are constantly linked with mental and social skills and are delivered through formal R&W sessions across Years 1-7. The program leads from simple self defence, boundary and communication exercises to a strong notion of self-confidence. The program offers a framework of exercises and ideas about individual development and assists the College’s students to become aware of purpose and motivation in their life.
Steve CarrollPrincipal, Christ the King Catholic School, Djarindjin Lombadina; Western Kimberley
Although our school has been using the PATHS program to support our students social and emotional development we felt this was not engaging them fully and actively. Rock and Water is designed in a way to engage students through fun games and challenges. The activities we learnt in the workshop were a lot of fun however each contained a strong message that teaches about issues such as body awareness, personal boundaries, strategies in dealing with bullying, improving self-confidence, development of their resilience and self-regulation.
TeacherHorsham Closed Workshop
I liked the concept/aim of Rock and Water. I enjoyed that it was an interactive PD and we were encouraged to have different partners. You could stand out if needed. Ray was a very engaging presenter. It was awesome
ParticipantHorsham Closed Workshop
“Teaching viable strategies through movement and discussion to enable young boys and girls to build their self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect. Not to mention the activities themselves, which are engaging and enjoyable”