Providing parents, teachers and professionals working with young people alternative strategies to connect with young people is a passion that never loses its shine. 

As one of four Master Instructors in Australia, I am sincerely privileged by the opportunities the program has given me. I found the program while working for the South Australian government agency, Community Residential Care.  After completing the 3 Day Workshop, I was asked to deliver the program to young people who had experienced trauma and/or abuse.  Witnessing the outcomes, I saw first hand the power of the program, the power to connect adults to adults, adults to young people and young people to young people. For me, Rock & Water is the most authentic program that connects people on a deeper emotional and physical level meaning the learning has a greater impact on each participant.

I am passionate about positive role modelling and assisting young people to reach their full potential while undertaking the Rock & Water program. I take pride in the training and programs I deliver and we always aim to create positive environments and experiences to enable young people and adults to grow within the program.

Tim Brenton

Expected Outcomes of Rock & Water (recommended by Rock & Water Central)

For children and young people

  • To provide opportunities for young people to experience secure attachment relationships with key adult figures.
  • For young people to experience the program environment as a “safe place”.
  • For young people to learn and then practice a range of verbal and non-verbal self-protective behaviours.
  • For young people to experience and understand social well being.
  • To increase the self-esteem and self-efficacy of the young people.
  • To improve the young people’s body-, emotional- and self-awareness, and by doing so, improve their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviours.
  • For young people to learn and experiment with social behaviours that are deemed appropriate, acceptable and safe.
  • For young people to increase their social competency.
  • To teach and then support young people implement more adaptive social and problem solving skills.
  • For young people to learn and practice relaxation exercises and to experience a state of inner calm (this may be a foreign state for some young people).
  • For young people to complete a program and to achieve success, and for this to be used as a positive narrative that can lay the foundation for future positive outcomes.
  • For young people to experience a sense of a positive school community.
  • To connect different cultural groups around a common activity (e.g., Rock & Water, physical activity) and provide structure and boundaries within this relationship development process.

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