The 3 day workshop is the most comprehensive Rock & Water experience.  Experiencing the 3 day workshop provides each participant with an intensive overview, the philosophy and theory, learning many games, exercises, and best practice strategies to deliver the Rock & Water program.  A true diamond of the program and key feature is it’s not an A to Z program. Once you have completed the training, you can tailor your own personalised program to suit your need. The program can be shaped by you, your school or organisation to suit your needs and focus upon specific outcomes (e.g. social skills, bullying, class cohesion, anti-violence, confidence development, goal setting, etc.), or your program can cover all of these over time.

The skills are developed through the use of simple physical exercises and games that can be progressively developed over time or in regular short bursts. A Rock and Water session might be timetabled during the week, or used as energisers on a regular basis – it is a flexible, needs-focused program that trained facilitators are free to structure to their requirements.

On completion of the 3 Day Rock and Water Workshop with Tim Brenton, you can then deliver the program – within schools or organisations to students, parents or clients. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals. We highly recommend completing this 3 Day Workshop if you are considering implementing the program in your school or service.

Pricing $840 (inc GST)
Plus booking fee

Price includes Catering,  Manual and a Basic Exercises DVD.

Additional Resources
If you would like to add the optional Implementation Pack to your registration.

Pricing: $300 (inc GST)
(i) flashdrive of resources (ii) A2 posters (set of 18 ) (iii) certificate pack now a new design (iv) 6 mini posters (v) theory booklet (vi) personalised storage envelope. (plus postage and handling)

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Rock and Water in primary schools focuses on the translation of Rock and Water principles to all grades of primary education and all situations that occur at school on a daily basis.

The manual includes over 120 lessons designed to suit each grade, 80 professional pictures and a full colour lay-out. There are dozens of practical tips and strategies for keeping order, dealing with organisational issues and connecting with the students. The manual will assist the teacher/trainer to improve their skills and maximise the result of each lesson and training. Each lesson is supported by questions that can be used to reflect on that specific exercise. There is also a whole section dedicated to exercises and assignments that can be used to continue the program in the classroom. These exercises are designed to meet each student’s favorite learning style leaving room for creativity and imagination, both for them and the teacher/trainer.

The accompanying manual describes in detail the psychological profile of students in each age group, giving special emphasis to the development of their (social) identity. We have carefully selected new and existing Rock and Water exercises to support students in each stage of their development. This workshop will provide you with new insights and practical material on why each exercise is suited for every student in each grade. You will learn new ways to put Rock and Water to good use in your school.

Pricing: $660.00 (inc gst)
Plus booking fee

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The 2 Day Rock and Water and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and children with additional and related problems’ is a unique Rock and Water approach that helps children (and adults) who are diagnosed with ASD to develop more self confidence, better communication skills and strategies to deal with the world and it’s sometimes overwhelming demands.

The workshop will assist in increasing self-control and assertiveness, to develop body language awareness, to encourage better communication skills and to decrease feelings of anxiety. Master Instructors Marc Boas, Theo Kamevaar and Freerk Ykema have developed a new manual (250 pages) containing successful strategies, dozens of new exercises and up to date information about ASD.

Pricing: $635.00 (inc GST)
Plus booking fee

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The 2 day Rock and Water training program,  Focus on Girls & Women, uses the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program, while paying special attention to the developmental challenges and qualities of teenage girls and women. Participants will learn to work with the different Rock & Water principles, developing self-confidence and communication skills.

They learn to find balance between empathy and living together with loved one’s without losing their own individuality and personal path in life. This training supports teenage girls and women in their journey to becoming powerful individuals.

The main goals of the girls program are:

  • to increase body awareness 
  • to become aware of attitudes, emotions and reaction patterns
  • to experience body strength
  • to increase self-confidence and learn to rely on your own strength
  • to experience your power and to learn how to translate inner feelings into action
  • to use mental strength related to inner strength
  • to feel, set and defend boundaries
  • to deal with exciting situations without losing your inner strength
  • to deal with sexuality and different forms of sexual violence

On completion of a 2 Day Specialised Workshop you can then deliver the program to the students, parents or clients relevant only to that focus area, e.g. Girls and Women only, Primary School, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals.

Pricing $635.00 (inc GST)
Plus booking fee.

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This workshop provides a survey of the entire 3 day course focusing on the first six lessons of the program which include standing strong physically and mentally, introduction to the Rock and Water attitude (in physical and verbal confrontation), Rock and Water in the school yard and in relationships (what kind of friend am I? Too rocky, too watery?) It also include breathing exercises, exercises for boundary awareness and body language.

On completion of a 1 Day Introductory Workshop you can deliver the basic lessons 1-6 to students, parents and clients only. It does not entitle you to train other service professionals.

Closed Workshops
This is a great way to familiarize many staff with the Rock and Water principles in your school/organisation, it allows you to have a ‘whole school approach to the Rock & Water Program’
Maximum of 30 participants per workshop included in set fee.

Cost for a closed workshop for 30 people is $3,222.00
Cost for a closed 1 day workshop for 20 people $2,420.00

Individual Cost: $295.00 price includes Equipment, Instruction and Starters Manual.

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Rock and Water Central can offer your school or organisation the opportunity to have a ‘whole school approach’ by providing closed workshop.  Book in your Professional Development days today!   This is a great way to familiarise many staff with the Rock and Water principles in your school/organisation, it allows you to have a ‘whole school approach to the Rock & Water Program’.
All staff members can complete the program by using these principles and language of the program whether you are in the administration office, doing playground duties or in your individual classrooms.

1 Day Introductory Closed Workshop


Concentrates on the basic principles, language and first 6 lessons of the Rock and Water program.

Please email us for costs.  For up to 30 Participants and includes 15 starter manuals.
*remote locations may incur additional charges

Smaller groups can be accommodated.

2 Day Specialised Closed Workshop


Specialised 2 Day workshop for Primary School or Focus on Girls and Women or Autism Spectrum Disorders.

For costs please email us to find out more.

*remote locations may incur additional charges

3 Day Closed Workshop


Entire 3 Day Rock and Water training program for a whole school or organisation.

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*remote locations may incur additional charges

For further information please email Tim Brenton