Rock & Water 3 Day Training Manual – NEW EDITION

A comprehensive Rock & Water Course Manual for teaching physical-social skills. Includes 17 detailed lessons, and comprehensive information on the principles of the Rock & Water Program.

Price: $55.00

Bringing It Together

Edited by: Freerk Ykema, Deborah Hartman and Wes Imms

Bringing It Together: 22 case studies of Rock & Water in practice

Includes 22 case studies describing how the Rock & Water program is implemented in diverse settings such as school and correctional institutions.

Price: $49.50

Rock and Water DVDs

Author: Freerk Ykema

Basic Exercise DVD: This DVD contains the most important and challenging physical exercises from the Rock & Water Program.

Action and Reaction DVD: This DVD contains five scenes about different forms of violence to be avoided. Suitable for high school-aged children only.

Subtitled in English.

Price: $60.00 each

Rock and Water Certificate Packs

Designed by: Freerk Ykema & EduSolutions, WA

Provides a powerful way of honouring students and re-inforcing positive behaviours. These A4 certificates come in 4 different designs, plastic wrapped in packs of 40.

Price: $39.00

Focus on Girls

Author: Linda Gerraeda, Freerk Ykema

Rock & Water for girls and young women provides best practice strategies and approaches that are gender specific. The workshop and manual is proving to be a popular Rock & Water intervention for young women in Europe and Australia.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

Cost $30.00 GST Inclusive (Post and Package Extra if required)

Rock and Water Strike Shields

Strike shields can be purchased from any martial arts supplier. If you wish to purchase shields with the Gadaku logo, Rock & Water Central recommends Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre.

Rock & Water and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author: Mark Boas, Theo Kamavaar, Freerk Ykema

Developed in the Netherlands, this workshop and manual provides participants with information for Rock and Water trainers working with children and adults living with ASD. Exercises, strategies and approaches are designed to meet the needs of young people living with ASD in school settings and general life skills.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

Cost $45.00 GST Inclusive (Post and Package Extra if required)

Primary School Manual

Author: Nick van Deudakom, Gerle Ykema, Freerk Ykema

This beautifully presented book contains over 120 exercises, games and lesson plans for use with children of primary school age. New and existing exercises have been brought together in this easy to use, hard-cover book designed to make Rock and Water a fun and easy program in any primary school setting.

Training manuals are only available to trained facilitators.

Cost $72.00 GST Inclusive (Post and Package Extra if required)

Rock & Water Memory Stick

This Memory Stick contains materials that will support Rock & Water trained participants to enhance their Rock & Water facilitation as well as their approach to their school, agency or other settings. The Memory Stick includes Lesson Plans, Overview for Parents and other materials to make your Rock & Water program the highest standard possible.

Price $39.00 GST Inclusive (Post and Package Extra if required)

Poster Packs A and B (20 posters in all)

These act to stimulate discussions, support lessons with related graphics and text, and also act as a constant reminder of the salient teaching points when hanging on walls or hallways of schools. The posters are full colour, A2 in size, contemporary designed, laminated on 1 side and co-written by Freek Ykema, the originator of the Rock and Water Program. Posters are an excellent way of promoting discussions and are a strong visual support to the teachings of the program. They add a visual dimension to teaching the positive values, attitudes and feelings that the Rock and Water program embraces.

$149.00 for both packs plus $15.00 p/h (add $10.00 p/h per additional set)


Also available: 4 New Female Posters


Certificates (40)

Four different Rock and Water designs (40 in a pack). These allow teachers and schools to honour students who successfully adopt Rock and Water strategies. Can be given out at assemblies & class lessons.

$39.00 plus $10.00 p/h


Mini Posters

Two different Rock and Water mini posters.

$10.00 each / $15.00 pair plus $15.00 p/h


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